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Imagine the convenience of on-line shopping for your next good read, together with the surprise afforded by browsing the miles of shelving of your favourite second hand book shop

Dear Real Book Lover,

If you like nothing more than spending hours wandering around a second hand book shop, browsing the thousands of books and picking up an interesting or humorous read, taking it home to smell its history and taking time to appreciate the binding, the quality of paper and then finally to immerse yourself in the text, then this is the site for you.

If you're wanting the latest mass-produced chick-lit, the one that everyone's reading on the tube, the one that's destined to be made into a film starring Jude Law delivered to your door in a box with an annoying pseudo smile from the tax-avoiding company named after a large South American river - then this site is probably not for you!

Do you think that big corporate, faceless company will notice the lipstick on the collar of your dust-jacket?  Or the smell of cologne on your spine?

Of course not.  They don't really love you.  But we do.

Welcome to the Random Book Club.

Sign up and we'll send you a hand-picked book once a month from our shop, the largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland.


And add to that an element of surprise.

You won't have any idea what it's going to be until it arrives.  Discover treasures you never even knew existed and bring the serendipitous thrill of browsing dusty shelves right to your doorstep.

We will hand pick each and every book that we send you from The Random Book Club, a mix of fiction and non-fiction. One month could be a thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat and the next a fascinating insight and explanation of a world you weren't aware of.

If you love books, support local bookshops, and feel like leaving your literary comfort zone, then the Random Book Club is your new best friend - treat yourself to a year's subscription to the RBC for just £59 (including postage*) or gift a subscription to a fellow book enthusiast.


“Oh, there is lovely to feel a book, a good book, firm in the hand, for its fatness holds rich promise, and you are hot inside to think of good hours to come.”

Richard Llewellyn, author of How Green Was My Valley

Membership will also give you access to our online chat group as well as a 10% discount on merchandise.

Of the twelve books, roughly 50% will be fiction, 50% non-fiction.  Every book you receive will be hand picked from our shop; there will be no Book Club, Readers Union or Reader’s Digest reprints and all books will be in good condition.


*Postage price based on Amazon charge of £2.80 per book.