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Lucky me, on to my second Random Book! As a writer, I was a bit worried at first by – Rotten Rejections, The Letters That Publishers Wish They’d Never Sent. What was Random Book Club trying to tell me? Then I realised, it was to give me hope and encouragement because it revealed that even the greats – George Orwell, Christina Rossetti, DH Lawrence – have all been on the receiving end of some cruel rejections. From the blunt – “This is pure bosh” and “For your own good do not publish this book” and …”not worth writing” to the quite bizarre “The opening line contains too many rrrs”. Thanks RBC, I feel better now.

As for my second – Debates on the Dissenters Chapels Bill – well what can I say? It all looked quite dull, until I spotted the penciled price inside the front cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU RBC!!! It will have pride of place on my new bookshelves