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Hugh Bebb

Hi IAN, I thought the book was unread because there was no obvious pressing back of the pages, no fingerprints marks or stains – and probably a third of the books in my bookcase ( and in boxes in the attic) probably won’t get read and will go straight to the charity shop. Anyway, I have embarked on a trial to see if I can clear the smoking odour following recommended methods:
No:1 – put book in box with heap of bicarbonate of soda. Result – still stinks, and so does the box now.
No:2 – leave book open outdoors in the sunshine. Result – works partially, but only on the pages open to the air, and I haven’t the patience to go through the book propping open pages. Note: do not leave the book under a tree if you are trying this method.
No:3 – use Smelleze, a reusable book smell deodorizer. I have sent off for a kit and will report the results after use. Interestingly, the company also advertises a “corpse odor remover”, so if you were having murderous thoughts…..