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It’s pot luck what you get, even if you have read it. That’s going to happen sometimes, and loads of people will not have even picked up the Da Vinci Code – it may not even have occurred to us to be of interest. Bit like Eco’s The name of the Rose – massive massive hit book, and you’d think everyone who might have enjoyed it would have read it. But I know heaps of people would have written it off as not of interest. Yet receiving it via RBC would encourage them to read it and potentially enjoy something they’d have not had a second glance at.

Similarly getting subjects not within our interest – it makes us read stuff we’d not naturally pick up, and you never know what you might enjoy if you dared to read it.

I guess if we aren’t game for the book we have already read occasionally, or don’t want because it’s of no interest, we may as well stick with picking our own books, as I’m kind of thinking that’s the whole point of the RBC??

I had no interest in the two books I have received and thought here we go, I’m going to bored to death, but I wasn’t to my suprise.