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Gail Muir

Hi Karen, I too was a random virgin, and joined this club after reading Shauns book which seems to be common denominator in the other posts - shows how good the book is. Like you I began to wonder after joining if I was up for really random. Science fiction is not a favourite of mine either (I was a huge fan of Brookmyre before he went into space) I also hate books with pages and pages of description of what the weather was like. As Billy Connoley would say "Just tell me its raining - Ill UNDERSTAND!” I think you should stretch yourself though, I have even read biographies of people I don`t like as I feel it is character building.
So the book arrived and Well….. its “Merde” seriously, a book about poo (Im being polite since you dont know me) by Ralph A Lewin. I havent had such a good laugh in ages.If the rest of the books sent get this reaction it will have been worth joining just for that! Its certainly random and I am pretty sure I wouldnt have chosen it, but hey-ho I will give it a go. I have so far found out that in Olaus Muries Field Guide there is instructions on how to preserve your scat collection (Dont think I`ll be asking Shaun to order it for me) which just goes to show you can get a book about anything even “bat splats!” Happy as a pig in poo so far :-)What was your first book?