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Latest RB The Fight by Norman Mailer – I am not into sport but started reading and it is very Hemingwayesque so was quite enjoying it. A colleague saw me reading it and is a huge boxing fan, so he now has it! I will pick up where I left off on its return.
I am an English teacher and run a reading Group in school for my Sixth Formers – we are currently reading The Dante Club. After reading Shaun’s book, I have not purchased any more books from YOU KNOW WHERE and am using Abe books (which I know is owned by YOU KNOW WHO but at least some of the purchase price is going to support local booksellers. No one is allowed (in the Book Club) to use YOU KNOW WHO and so hopefully the word will spread.
One more thing… Shaun’s book has had me reading Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops, which led me to buy The Book Shop Book – all by Jen Campbell and wonderful reading. I have a new genre of reading now and being slightly obsessive am now looking for more books on bookshops. Recommendations anyone?