Ready to go

January random books have all been parcelled up and are ready to go.  Mostly fiction this month, and mostly from Stuart Kelly - one of the 2013 Booker judges.  Many of them are uncorrected proof copies, so once again a chance to not only bag a collectable, but to see the mistakes authors make before the proof-readers sort them out.


More from the Wilderness Kingdom New Cookbook…

On cooking bears; 'If the bear is skinny, as it is particularly in the spring, forget about it, you may just as well cook your rubber boots.'

On cooking beavers; 'Do not eat beaver meat when it is too fresh, it is very laxative.'

On cooking skunk; 'Attach a long pole to the box trap and take the skunk carefully to the nearest water hole and drown him.  This method is very humane and you can wash the skunk at the same time.'

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Because we're going to have to raise the price in the New Year.  All current members will continue to pay at the current rate, but new members after 5th January will pay £75 a year for UK membership and £120 for overseas.  Still a bargain.