Behind the scenes at the Random Book Club

This is the largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland.

A couple of years ago we noticed a significant change in the balance between the number of books coming in, and the number going out.  The former increased because there has been a massive decline in the number or second-hand bookshops in the country (so there are fewer places for people to bring books which they want to sell) and the latter decreased due to people increasingly buying online.

The online buying experience - convenient though it is - does not permit the luxury of bowsing in an old bookshop with a stock of 100,000 titles.  It can't give you the chance of finding something which you not only never knew you wanted, but possibly never even knew existed.

The Random Book Club is our attempt to redress the balance - to give people the chance to stumble across something which they didn't know they wanted; to bring the serendipity of finding something new, and at an affordable price.  And to find a way to keep good, interesting stock moving.  Stock which, due to changing buying habits and the decline of the high street, we would have no other outlet for.

We've run out of space, but the supply of great books keeps coming in.  The Random Book Club is our attempt to keep them moving.

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