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Apologies to subscribers who only intended to join for a year and  whose membership has automatically been renewed.  If you don't want the second year, please email me and I'll refund your subscription.


Auto renewal — 7 Comments

  1. I do not want to renew my subscription to the Random Book Club at the beginning of October, but assuming I made a repeat subscription last year, it is proving difficult to cancel my payment through PayPal. But I will continue to attempt to do this.
    R A Stirling, c/o 14 Tormore Street, Glasgow G51 4HN
    0141 551 0375

  2. Hi there
    We have just had a problem ordering a gift subscription – you could do with a separate hyperlink to allow this to happen easily as it is different from joining for the first time! Have sent an email but want to be sure that you look for it as we need it sorted quickly as it is a birthday present!

  3. Has this happened to anyone else?
    I have just opened a credit card bill for a card I have not used for 4 months. Apparently on 12th November Paypal put through a charge of £59
    with the title ‘BOOKSHOPWIG’. My bank think this is a scam and have stopped my (unused) card. If it is a mistake I think someone at the RBC should look into it as the bank say they are forwarding the details to the police.

    • Did you subscribe to the Random Book Club? If so, it has auto-renewed. It is not a scam, and by all means alert the police. It might be simpler, though if you just ask me for an explanation and we sort this out like civilised adults.

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